Tommee Tippee MODA Pacifiers {What is your child’s celebrity style?}

Tommee Tippee took their classic shield pacifier style and updated it with a fun, fashion twist. They have designed a MODA pacifier collection that will make your baby stand out from the crowd. The MODA pacifier nipple features a symmetrical orthodonic nipple is specially designed to help optimize baby’s acceptance of a paci. In an independent tests more babies accepted these pacifiers first time. So when you need to turn screams and sobs into smiles and sleep, simply pick up a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature pacifier.


The MODA pacifiers come in 2 age stages, 0-6 months and then 6-18 months. They are all BPA-free and proved to mak eit easier for babies to correctly insert and hold in their mouth.

Their is no doubt that I am a fanatic of Tomme Tippee products. I love them all so much that I know I must sound like a broken record to everyone around. Everytime someone asks which bottle is best – Tommee Tippee, which breast pump is best – Tommee Tippee, which paci is best – Tommee Tippee, and it goes on and on. I recently had the opportunity to babysit a lovely little girl who did not like any pacis, she would just spit them out and stay fussy. After we tried the Tommee Tippee brand she was able to keep the paci in and self soothe.


Buy it Now: Amazon $11.99 for 2-Pack


Tommee Tippee Creates See-Through Valves

clear valve

Thank you for your patience with us. First we’d like to assure you that child health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re taking the current concerns around our Sippee cups very seriously. We sell millions of Sippee cups globally but we know from recent social media posts, that some people have had problems cleaning the valve. For this we sincerely apologize and we are actively following up on any concerns raised. We’re sorry if {Read More}

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Breast Milk Starter Set


As many of you know, Tommee Tippee launched their Pump and Go System this past September. The Pump and Go is a groundbreaking product line for busy breastfeeding moms that takes milk from breast to bottle with just one pouch. By using a single pouch to pump, store, warm and feed, there’s no need to move milk at any stage, so you’ll never lose a precious drop. Pump and Go includes a pump adapter and can be used with most {Read More}

Tommee Tippee is Partnering with Snapfish

Tommee Tippee Snapfish

Tommee Tippee and Snapfish have partnered together to bring you all an exclusive offer for a FREE 11 oz. photo mug from Snapfish, just pay S/H. The offer is currently stickered on cups (excluding single valve) and mealtime (plates, bowls, etc) products. Cups can be purchased at Babies R Us, Target, or Walmart, and mealtime products can be purchased at Babies R Us. To celebrate their partnership, I headed over to my local Super Target to pick up an offer {Read More}

Running Toward That Summer Body {Top Treadmills from Top Brands}


When it comes buying a treadmill, there are two brands that can be trusted and offer a range of top products. Bowflex MAX Trainer and ProForm Treadmill are two well-known brands. However, before buying any product, it is important that you read the reviews of the respective brand and buy the one which suits your need and budget. Once you have read the BowFlex MAX trainer reviews, you will find the each of their products are designed to give you {Read More}

Mother’s Day Recipe / Pandoro Skewer with Chocolate Fondue


With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start planning surprises to spoil Mom, and what better way than through her sweet tooth! Chocolate is always the key to any woman’s heart, so try taking it up a notch for the special occasion by preparing Bauli’s Pandoro Skewer with Chocolate Fondue. Not only is it a fun Mother’s Day activity, but it’s the perfect sweet treat to show Mom how much you love her! To make this already-simple recipe {Read More}

MAM Invites you to Share your #PreggoLessons!


MAM is reflecting on the universal experience all mothers have of receiving advice from everyone they know as soon as they are visibly pregnant. They are asking moms to discuss the advice they received, from the genuinely helpful to the wacky and ridiculous using #preggolessons! This contest will run till March 25th. One of the biggest rites of passage for expectant moms is receiving unsolicited preggo advice. Share the BEST or WORST piece of advice you got with MAM using {Read More}

Diaper Bag Travel Essentials


If you follow me over on Instagram then you should have noticed the new little one that has taken over the feed. My closest friend had her second little girl, Kami, over 1 month ago. While her mommy works and attends classes, Kami and I have been enjoying our time together. We love trying out fun items like cloth diapers, bottles, and baby gear. On Valentine’s Day Kami and I were able to spend over twelve hours together while her mommy and {Read More}

Full Home = Happy Home #fullhomehappyhome


Well…I have finally made the decision to follow my other dream to go back to school and become a MIDWIFE! On one side I am very excited whereas on the other I am very scared. I currently hold an active RN license and it will take about five years to reach the midwife status. Many of you know that working, schooling, and family can be a difficult balance. Not to mention the fact that you have to take time out {Read More}

Garage Renovation: Before


About 5 months ago I moved into a 3 bedroom house within a small town. With work and life it is extremely hard to find the time I need to unpack and organize, not to mention take time out to cook supper. Luckily, DiGiorno Pizzeria is there for me and they can be there for you to. I am in the extreme process of turning my new 2 car garage into my workshop and after tackling that project throughout the {Read More}

Holiday Gift Guide: 2015 Edition

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Button

Wow. Who can believe that another year has almost came to an end? I cannot. Did you all have a good year and accomplish many goals? I am getting close to completing my first year of working as a RN. I traveled to New York, bought a car, moved and in the process of buying a house, got a new puppy, and plan to hopefully start school before the new year! No love found for me yet though. Any way {Read More}