I’m Lovin It: MessageHub App


MessageHub, is a revolutionary new app that will change the way you message. It pulls together all your social, email, texts and chat messages into one place. No more jumping from app to app to manage your messages! MessageHub is also the first app to prioritize your messages, saving you time from having to sort through the clutter of junk email, ads, and unimportant posts to find your messages that matter most. With MessageHub it's easy to have conversations and share with friends and family … READ ON →

Walmart Suave Perks


Do any of you use Suave? If you don't, now may be a good time to start. Suave has a full line of hair and body products for men, women, and children. They are high quality and less expensive than many other brands. I personally really like their Lavender Vanilla body lotion. It smells wonderfully relaxing, absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy feeling, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized for quite a while. Suave has just introduced their new Suave Family Perks program, which allows … READ ON →

2014 Holiday Gift Guide SNEAK PEAK! {Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Double Electric Breast Pump}


Time is trickling down and we are gearing up for the biggest event this year – the Ashley Suzanne Holiday Gift Guide! This year we are excited to bring you many amazingly different and unique gift ideas that will range from babies all the way up to grandparents. We cannot wait to show you all what we think are amazing gifts for your loved ones. Since we are a few months away to releasing the guide, we thought it would be great to share with you all a short sneak peak of an amazing gift idea … READ ON →

Johnsonville program at Pearup.com {La Leche League}


La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. All breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women interested in breastfeeding are welcome to come to their monthly group meetings or call Leaders for … READ ON →

I’m Lovin It: Hart & Hawthorn LLC + $29 Giveaway


About Hart & Hawthorn LLC Hart + Hawthorn features a variety of cold-process soaps, candles and bath products created by Yu Zhang and Patrick Groghan. Yu is a design student and aspiring architect and Patrick is a RN at a local hospital and dedicated husband. All of their products are carefully crafted by hand in small batches … READ ON →

Luxe Baby Shower Giveaway!

LUXE-Baby-Shower-2014 large

    Are you expecting a baby or already holding your little new arrival? You are going to love this amazing event in partnership with six luxurious baby brands! We are excited to share it with you and to give you an opportunity to own these wonderful, high quality products. It's hard to find the best and most functional … READ ON →

Hagendorf Originals: Original Works by Alex Hagendorf


I found my materials for my first piece of furniture while walking home from the park in May of 2012. This pile of sticks next to my neighbor's trashcans would soon become to first chair I'd ever build. It wasn't pretty, but it could hold a human, and that's all that seemed to matter at the time. Within one year's time, I was finally … READ ON →

No machine ice-cream: No mess, natural + homemade in 5 minutes


The Curious Creamery is an ingenious system that enables you to create premium frozen desserts and ice cream in any flavor in minutes. The industrial process of ice cream making hasn't changed since it was invented in the mid 1800's, just with a lot more pollution and worse ingredients. But we are here to change all of that! The … READ ON →

Introducing the New HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper


There is something new out in the baby-sphere, the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. This sleeper is super cool and moms love it and I am here to introduce you. Safer for Baby. Easier for You. The revolutionary HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper is the only infant bassinet that moves to bring baby to you. Now your little one can sleep … READ ON →

That Is A Wrap! Activia Challenge Completed!


The Activia Challenge has finally drawn to a close and I can honestly say that this was a challenge I was happy to complete, and that I will probably continue eating Activia daily, simply because I love the way it makes my digestive tract feel. Out of all the flavors I tried, my favorite was the strawberry. I enjoyed eating my … READ ON →

Natty Needlework Favorites by Amanda


There were so many cute things at Natty Needlework it was hard to pick just five! #1 – Top Knot Beanie This top knot beanie caught my eye because of it's soft colors. I love rainbow things, and put my son in rainbow pants or hats all the time. Now that I'm having a girl I'd love soft softer, more pastel rainbow items! #2 – Baby … READ ON →