About Us

Little Warriors, is a mom group created by Ashley, Shana, Sarah and Cassie. They all share the same desires of teaching their children how to be little warriors for God all while encouraging other moms that life with kids can be messy yet exciting.They are equipped to use your product and provide a honest review on how it held up and worked with their families along with pictures of the product in use.

Mama Sarah

Sarah, is wife to a police officer and stay at home mom of two boys (6 and 2) and one baby girl (1 month). She worked at Chickfila straight out of high school for about 5 years and has been home now for 2 years. She homeschools her oldest son and cloth diapers her two little ones. Her hobbies include: raising babies, going to church and spending time with her BIG extended family.

Mama Shana

Shana is a SAHM and is married to a traveling truck driver. She is a homeschool mom to 5 kids with ages 3 months-10 years. She is our practical and keeps it real with what is really a must have and what is just a luxury. She is just now starting her cloth diaper journey and cannot wait to become more eco friendly! Her hobbies include going to church, reading, and just being with her family.

Mama Cassie

Cassie is a wife and stay at home mom, who has found her current mission field to be a farm in the rural south where she homeschools her six children. She has 3 boys and 3 girls ranging in ages from 1-13 years old. Cassie is a semi crunchy mom who enjoys being involved in her church, her local homeschooling community, and spending time with her extended family and friends. She is also on mission to regain her health after an extended bed rest.


Ashley Suzanne, is the owner/curator behind the group and blog. She is a single, childless nurse who has a strong passion for babies and children. While she does not currently have children of her own she is in the pursuit of foster/adoption and cannot wait until the day she welcomes a little one into her loving arms. You may know her as

The Baby Whisperer, a name that was bestowed upon her by all of her mommy friends, simply because she has the touch and knowledge of what babies want. Her hobbies include working, crafting, cooking, reading, and trying out the latest fads. She enjoys teaching others about the importance of cloth diapering and baby wearing along with other ways to make life more eco friendly.

Email us at ashleysuzanneblog@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more about working together!

XOXO, Mama Warriors