BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper [Review]

I am on my second year of my cloth diapering journey. The reason I chose to cloth diaper was to save money and help the environment. Over the past two years I have learned a lot. I have tried many different types of diapers and inserts. At one point, I was feeling discouraged with cloth diapering because of leaks. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try put Bumgenius and I am so very thankful! No leaks at {Read More}

5 Medical Procedures That Have Become All The Rage

When we think about medical procedures to improve appearance, we often imagine complicated surgeries with long recovery times. But not all medical procedures fall into this category. Many operations can enhance external beauty and don’t require long periods of recovery. Don’t believe us? Here are five such medical procedures to prove it! If you’re looking for a great way to shed extra pounds and tone areas, consider liposuction. The procedure is no longer as invasive as it used to be thanks {Read More}

Tommee Tippee Inspires Me to #ParentOn

Hi! I am Natasha, a young mother of one little boy with another due very soon. I am thrilled to share my #ParentOn message with you today! ——————————————————————————- Being a new mom, there will be many people who will give you “advice”, no matter if you want to hear it or not. Everyone has their own opinion on things, so there will be many times you will hear things from others that you will feel is just absurd. One of {Read More}

Comfi Neck Bib {Tommee Tippee}

Okay, so you know when you feed the baby and the milk drips down under their chubby chins? What if I told you there was a product out there that prevented baby from getting milk neck? Thrilled? Yes, me too! Tommee Tippee is introducing their new and improved Comfi Neck Bibs… Their Closer to Nature Comfi-Neck Bibs have a unique dribble catcher that absorbs moisture, helping prevent rashes on baby’s sensitive skin. Their bibs are super soft on tender young {Read More}

Turn Heads with Your Fashion Style

When it comes to fashion, would you consider yourself a fashion aficionado or something less than that? For many women, fashion is a major part of their lives. Whether it is in the workplace, a night on the town, perhaps a quiet family dinner, many ladies go all out. In some other cases, women will scale back their fashion looks, opting for something more casual. No matter where you find yourself in this discussion, in order to turn heads, you {Read More}

Happy Healthy Cat Month: Meow Mix Wants to Know Why You and Your Cat Are Purrfect Together

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month—and there’s never been a better time to show our cats some extra love. Recently, the cat lovers at Meow Mix ran the Purrfect Together Survey, which asked cat parents around the country about their special bond with their four-legged friends. Here are some of the meow-nificent results: 83% of cats take naps with their humans This is surprising—and not because 83% of people love napping with kitty. The bigger question is: Who are the {Read More}

Finding the Right Sleepwear For Your Baby

There are so many choices when it comes to buying sleepwear for babies and toddlers that it is easy to become distracted with colours and designs, instead of focusing on the most practical and indicated options. Many mums have discovered the effectiveness of using baby sleeping bags to establish healthy sleeping patterns in their children, and lots of boisterous, growing infants find a calming and restful place in their favourite sleeping bags.    Here are a few points to consider {Read More}

Fall Fashion for Toddlers {a Tommee Tippee post}

The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is everywhere, the weather is getting cooler and which could only mean that its time for Fall! I thought it would be fun to share some outfits that are my favorite fall attire for toddlers. I love the cooler temperatures and the opportunity of dressing little ones in adorable clothing. An outfit is not complete without a Tommee Tippee product. This fall we are pairing our outfits with Tommee Tippee’s Sportee Bottle! The Sportee bottle {Read More}

How to Wear the 2016 Floral Fashion Trend

The floral trend is perfect for any season. It’s good to welcome in the spring with some pastel colors, but it’s also lovely to wave goodbye to summer with autumnal floral prints. This look can be very versatile and can be created to fit your style. If you’re a girly-girl you could go for some pastel floral print dresses, but if that’s not your thing go for something subtler such as floral jewelry or hair accessories. Whatever your look, with {Read More}

What to Pack in Your Concert Bag

One of your favorite bands are coming to town and you purchased your tickets months ago. Before the big night what should you pack to bring? I have attended numerous concerts in my past and below you will find a few items that are always in my backpack that allow me to endure the busy night. It is very important to pick out a comfortable backpack that has straps securely in place so that they can withstand the jumping and {Read More}

World Breastfeeding Week | Pump & Go with Tommee Tippee

Every year between August 1st & 7th the world recognizes breastfeeding week, between parties and giveaways you can sure bet that there will some type of celebration. Our team here would like to take today to introduce you to a mommy friend who has two beautiful children and she wants to share her real breastfeeding experience with you. ——————— Hello. My name is Jessica and I am a lucky stay at home mom (thanks to a fantastic husband!) to two wonderful kids! Tracey is {Read More}