Best of the Best Gift Guide {2014 Edition}

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #1

ONE: Johnson’s Baby Gift Set {$16.76}
For more than a hundred years, new mothers have trusted JOHNSON’S® Baby products to provide the purest, gentlest and mildest care for their babies—from the first morning cuddle to the last bedtime kiss.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Soothing Vapor Baby Bath

TWO: Neosporin Gift Set {$9.69}
Treat life’s little mishaps with our family of wound care products, and help prevent infection of cuts and scrapes, relieve painful burns, and help minimize the appearance of scars.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Wound Cleanser for Kids, Original Ointment, Antiseptic & Pain Relief Spray

THREE: Urban Halo Headband {$15}
Urban Halo, is the fashionable and functional, no-slip headband for active women and moms! Urban Halos which boast no slip, no headache, no sweat, come in a vast array of colorful patterns and designs and are made from a signature buttery soft fabric that are custom printed in the U.S from eco friendly water based inks. Stylish enough to take mom from spin class to preschool pickup, yet functional enough to stay in place without causing headaches. It’s like a hug for your head.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Signature Halos, Studio Scarves, Hair Ties 

FOUR: Carseat Sidekick {$18}
The Carseat Sidekick™ was an invention of necessity. While taking our first child home from the hospital and laying him in his car seat, we realized there was no way to easily get the car seat straps out from underneath him, without waking him up and making him cry. Thus was born, the Carseat Sidekick™. The Carseat Sidekick™ is not only extremely functional, it’s also chic and attractive in design with a variety of colors to match your carseat. It is compatible with all major carseat brands.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Boy Color, Girl Color, Gender Neutral

FIVE: Naked Nursing Tank {$40}
Wear this hassle-free open busted camisole with any bra for extra long length midsection coverage during breastfeeding. Provides discretion and privacy without compromising style! Purchase our Luxury Bamboo Edition and extend your benefits of the Naked Tank to wear throughout your pregnancy as well! The fabric is so soft and supple that it will retain it’s original shape after washing.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Luxury Bamboo – Lily White, Ultimate Mum Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow, Classic Cotton – Charcoal Grey

SIX: Baby Duck Soap Co {$25}
We offer a wide variety of artisan, handmade soap, whipped body butters, lip butters and more. Our soap is made by using the cold process method and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks. We offer a range of scents which include all natural, synthetic-free soap made with essential oils, to intoxicating blends of scents using fragrance oils. All products are Palm, SLS and Paraben free! Our products are made using the highest quality ingredients. Everything in the shop has been 100% people tested and approved!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Lip Balm, Just Ducky Soap, Tea Tree Soap

SEVEN: Ola! Granola Gift Set {$45}
Say hello to…Vanilla Almond, Cranberry Orange Pecan, No Nut Vanilla and Chocolate Banana Chip. Pure and simple hand baked gluten free granola! Our granola’s use only the best ingredients like whole grain oats and nuts, aromatic flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon along with pure maple syrup and blue agave nectar as natural sweeteners to make a healthful snack of crunchy clusters of oats. 100 Calories per serving. Gluten Free, Non-GMO Verified, Vegan, Kosher. 0 Trans Fats, No soy, dairy, or added oils. – USE free shipping promo code – ASBS2014
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Cranberry Orange Pecan, Chocolate Banana Chip, Vanilla Almond  

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #2

ONE: Prince Lionheart wheelyHEDGEHOG {$85}
The award-winning wheelyBUG Plush offers a fun, entertaining way to encourage the development of gross motor skills through physical activity. Designed with 360° multidirectional casters and an easy-to-grip handle, children can move and spin without ever getting stuck in a corner. By providing unlimited mobility and the ability to maneuver around obstacles, the wheelyBUG Plush naturally grows with your child’s physical development. Ideal for indoor use on smooth floors; you’ll appreciate that the durable caster wheels glide quietly. The WheelyBUG Plush measures 8 ¾ x 9 x 15 in. (H x W x D). The convenient height makes it easy for children to climb on and off on their own. Children will love the fact that they are able to ride on one of their plushy animals. Nothing could be better for kids than going on an adventure with a furry friend. Remove plush cover for easy washing. Underneath the plush cover, the ride-on toy features a spongy layer. The leather-like surface is moisture resistant and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. The contoured wooden base is designed with smooth, rounded corners for safety. The wheelyBUG Plush is made from non-toxic materials and is PVC free. The durable base is constructed with renewable plantation timber, so it’s kinder to the earth. Originally researched and designed for use in childcare centers, the ride-on toy is tough, durable, and built to last.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Faucet Extender, WeePOD® Basix, Flip Step Stool

TWO: Ozeri Frying Pan {$25}
Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri began as a supplier to the destination club market. This market spans vacation residences in the destination club industry, fractional residences, timeshares, and condo hotel apartments.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Green Earth Pan, Deluxe Whisk, Stone Earth Pan

THREE: Indie Gift Box {$25}
Indie Gift Box™ is an exclusive curated experience featuring specialty handmade goods.  In addition to holding private sales of one-of-a-kind indie products, we deliver themed collections of unique goods from independent artists and crafts(wo)men every month.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Neon Green Swarovski Pearl Studs, Chevron Braided Modern Friendship Bracelet, Nail Lacquer

FOUR: Bearpaw Danica {$30}
The Danica is a warm weather standard with built in "air conditioning" from peek-a-boo cut outs along both sides. A solid canvas upper and micro suede footbed keep your feet cool and comfortable. 
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Anne, Cottonwood Infant Tall Bootie, Heath

FIVE: Baby’s Journey Baby Sitter {$30}
Restaurants, grandma’s house, and play dates… don’t go anywhere without your BabySitter! The portable pad securely straps baby to chair, quickly converting any chair into a high chair for meals on the go or even at home. Lightweight and easy to clean, this reliable BabySitter is truly a lifesaver.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Bath Hammock, Pillow Top Changing Pad, Magic Play Tray

SIX: ICU Eyewear {$22}
A pioneer in the eyewear industry, ICU Eyewear was the first to develop and implement a manufacturing process for eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Cat Eye, Fillagree Temple, Lace Pattern

SEVEN: Little Beans Café Gift Set {$57}
Little Beans is a family café and an imaginative playspace for kids of all ages. Our café boasts a delicious assortment of coffee drinks and snacks where parents can enjoy the ambiance of our comfortable café with their tiny tots. At Little Beans, kids have the freedom to play, learn, imagine and create in our custom interactive indoor village and playground. We are truly a destination that is fun for the whole family.

EIGHT: Cool Gear Straightwall Bottle {$8}
Cool Gear International creates innovative products that strive to revolutionize the green movement with the hopes of eliminating disposable plastic bottle waste, as well as encourage a healthier and happier you. Through our patented technology, we help provide cool, clean water, as well as fresh, crisp, food for a busy on-the-go lifestyle. Every product has a sleek design that promotes individuality through its unique color and graphics. Consumers need products that fit into their schedule and reflect their personality. Cool Gear Goes With You.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Straightwall, 3pk Travel Tubes, Reef

NINE: Baby’s Journey One Step Gate {$90}
Relax, baby-proofing just got easier. The One Step Gate installs in less than 5 minutes with no tools required! The Step and Secure foot mechanism allows for instant pressure fit in the opening with no thread adjustment needed. Accommodates doorways, hallways and stairs.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Bath Hammock, Pillow Top Changing Pad, Magic Play Tray

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #3

ONE: MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set {$25}
Give the gift of comfort for the special baby in your life. The MAM Feed and Soothe Bottle Gift Set features four Anti-Colic Bottles with Slow-Flow Nipples, two 0-6 month MAM pacifiers two 5 oz Self-Sterilizing Anti-Colic Bottles with 1 Slow-Flow Nipple, two 8 oz Self-Sterilizing Anti-Colic Bottles with 1 Slow-Flow Nipple Ventilation holes in the base help to minimize colic by reducing air swallowing.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
MAM Start Pacifiers, MAM Starter Sippy Cup, Oral Care Rabbit

TWO: Doodle Pants Mustache Gift Set {$105}
Doodle Pants is an exciting collection of quality leggings with colorful patterns, wild animal prints and charming original characters. Little ones (3 months to 2T) can squiggle and wiggle with ease thanks to a roomy seat, stretchy ribbed cuffs and a comfortable elastic waistband. They’re made with thick, flexible material that holds up and is easy to wash.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Leggings, Bodysuit, Hoodie

THREE: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site {$17}
As the sun sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight. One by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work and lie down to rest—so they’ll be ready for another day of rough and tough construction play! With irresistible artwork by best-selling illustrator Tom Lichtenheld and sweet, rhyming text, this book will have truck lovers of all ages begging for more.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Press Here, Steam Train/Dream Train

FOUR: Press Here {$16}
Press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next! Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size! Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Press Here, Steam Train/Dream Train

FIVE: Steam Train/Dream Train {$17}
The team behind the #1 New York Times bestseller Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Sitereturns with another fabulous book for bedtime! The dream train pulls into the station, and one by one the train cars are loaded: polar bears pack the reefer car with ice cream, elephants fill the tanker cars with paints, tortoises stock the auto rack with race cars, kangaroos stuff the hopper car with balls (while zebras referee). Sweet and silly dreams are guaranteed for any budding train enthusiasts!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, Press Here, Steam Train/Dream Train

SIX: Earth Easy Bambu Undercut Cutting Boards {$18.95}
Durable everyday cutting board for your kitchen, yet elegant enough for serving. These bamboo boards feature subtle carved handholds for easy carrying. The rich, golden brown color accentuates the natural wood grain.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Earth Easy Bambu Undercut Cutting Boards, Earth Easy Biodegradable Bamboo Plates – Set of 8 11”, Biodegradable Bamboo Utensils

SEVEN: Earth Easy Biodegradable Bamboo Plates – Set of 8 11” {$11.95}
Biodegradable and made from renewable bamboo, All Occasion Veneerware is a more elegant, eco-friendly alternative to paper plates. Veneerware can be used indoors or outdoors for casual or formal occasions. Ideal for meals at home, picnics, birthday parties, weddings, catered events, or dining on the go. At home, you can get multiple uses from these plates.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Earth Easy Bambu Undercut Cutting Boards, Earth Easy Biodegradable Bamboo Plates – Set of 8 11”, Biodegradable Bamboo Utensils

EIGHT: Mommy Mimi XL Queen Blanket {$110}
Chic, ultra soft and a must have!! These adult throws are made with double the minky.  No mommy cave is complete without this extra splash of opulence. So incredibly soft you wont want to share. Approximately 70×59.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mini Mimi, Nap Mat, Nursing Pillow Cover

NINE: Fitness Flower {$20}
Fitness Flower exercise guides are at the forefront of the new "Work Out Any Time, Any Place" trend. Fitness Flower helps all fitness-minded ladies get in shape for all of the summer soirees and get-togethers–without having to schedule an actual workout at the gym! The Fitness Flower™ is a consistent reminder to incorporate movements that will help maintain strength and health into your existing tasks. It’s an easy way to include a workout in any time-crunched day! Fitness flower: fitness that fits your life.

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #4

ONE: BubbleBum Booster Seat {$30}
BubbleBum inflatable booster seats are the coolest and most stylish way for kids to travel safely and comfy for both short and long distances! BubbleBum inflatable booster seat is a great alternative to the standard plastic booster seat and is perfect for road trips, fly ins with car rentals, taxi cabs and every day carpooling. Weighing in at less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack or large purse. BubbleBum includes belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, so it’s possible to fit three boosters across the back seat of a car, minivan, or SUV. Recommended for ages 4-11.

TWO: My Sweet Dreams Baby Clara the Closet Monster {$34.50}
Gift set includes headband with pink, fabric-and-tulle flower and white bloomers with deep-pink tulle skirt and light-pink ribbon accent, both brought to baby girl by endearing, knit, blushing-blue girl monster plush toy with pale-yellow, pink and white yarn hair, arms and legs with ballet shoes.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Calvin The Closet Monster, Clara The Closet Monster, Cute As A Bug

THREE: Bamboobies Printed Bra {$37}
Better support than a sleep bra and made to adjust to your changing body. Designed for pregnancy and nursing with adjustable, tapered straps that don’t fall down and easy pull-aside nursing access. No clips or clasps to struggle with or make you uncomfortable when sleeping.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Baby Bundle; Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl – Flower Accent; Bell♥ease 100% Organic Belly & Baby Butter

FOUR: Downy Gift Set {$25}
Wrinkle reducer, odor eliminator, static remover, fabric refresher, ironing and travel aid…all around #WonderBottle

FIVE: Wee Woolies Merino Short Sleeve {$36}
Our bright and beautiful Wee Woollies Merino Short-Sleeve Onesie is a must have for every busy baby, whatever they’re up to! Absolutely no chemical flame retardants. Non-toxic Bluesign® approved dyes. 100% New Zealand Merino. Nickel free snaps. Designed and made in Canada.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Merino Pajamas, Sleep Sack, Singlet

SIX: Pick Your Plum Gift Box {$25}
PYP MISSION STATEMEN – Provide Rockin’ Customer Service, Create Smiles, Find HIGH HIGH quality products with low low prices, Serve each other…work that matters, Create a company worth telling your BFF about, Do what it takes, Be humble, Build a positive team who knows how to work hard and work happily together, Be passionate about living and creating ways to enjoy life, Create jobs that will bless lives, Embrace a little weirdness. PYP is a daily deal site with new deals posted at 7 AM every morning.

SEVEN: Zipz Shoes Mavericks {$60}
The Mavericks in our Offshore collection capture the spirit and adventure of life on the west coast. Mavericks are stylishly designed high-tops with a flavoring of California cool that is fresh, funky, and fashionable.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
American Slip On, Cranberry Slip On, Jet Black Slip On 

EIGHT: Whistle & Flute Kawaii Cloud Onesie {$30}
Whistle & Flute are Miranda and Ryan and their 1 year old, Aki. Miranda is a fashion school drop out and Ryan is a graphic designer. They struggled to find affordable, stylish clothes for their son so took on the challenge to create a line of shirts.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Kawaii Ice Cream T-shirt, LOVE T-shirt b&w, Je T’aime Onesie NINE: Home Right Deck Washer {$30}
The two-in-one HomeRight Deck Washer Flow-Through Broom is a powerful scrubbing broom with water jet nozzles that easily attach to your garden hose. The Deck Washer uses the power of water to scrub a surface clean while you sweep. Its stiff bristles loosen and push debris, while the water jets blast the area clean. The HomeRight Deck Washer Flow-Through Broom has a 13” bristle broom with water jet nozzles and durable three-piece aluminum extension handle with foam grips.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Velocity Waxer, Airless Paint Sprayer, Quick Painter

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #5

ONE: Boba Carrier 4G {$125}
The Boba Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier comes with an integrated infant insert and may be used well into toddlerhood. The carrier can be used from 7-45lbs. Our ergonomic design, foot straps, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Carrier, Air, Vest 

TWO: Lily Jade Elizabeth {$225}
One of my favorite things about Lily Jade bags is that they each have a removable inner bag. I refer to this bag as the “baby bag.” This baby bag is machine washable (gentle cycle) and contains pockets for both baby’s and mommy’s needs. The baby bag is designed to quickly snap out and be easily transferred to your pool, gym, travel bag, office bag, or another one of your totes. Also, making sure daddy or your child’s care provider quickly gets all of baby’s essentials organized in one place is elegantly simple.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Anna, Sarah Grace, Cailin

THREE: Green Kid Crafts One Month Subscription {$25}
Green Kid Crafts is the original craft subscription company. With Green Kid Crafts, kids can enjoy monthly eco friendly projects that spark creativity, build confidence and cultivate respect and love for the environment.

FOUR: Cool Gear 3pk Travel Tubes {$18}
Cool Gear International creates innovative products that strive to revolutionize the green movement with the hopes of eliminating disposable plastic bottle waste, as well as encourage a healthier and happier you. Through our patented technology, we help provide cool, clean water, as well as fresh, crisp, food for a busy on-the-go lifestyle. Every product has a sleek design that promotes individuality through its unique color and graphics. Consumers need products that fit into their schedule and reflect their personality. Cool Gear Goes With You.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Straightwall, 3pk Travel Tubes, Reef

FIVE: Wee Woolies Merino Singlet {$36}
One of our favorite designs, the Wee Woollies Merino Singlet makes a perfect base layer keeping your wee ones comfy at their core.  Great for stylish summer wear or as a base layer on cooler days. Fashion and function at its finest! Absolutely no chemical flame retardants. Non-toxic Bluesign® approved dyes. 100% New Zealand Merino. Nickel free snaps. Designed and made in Canada.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Merino Pajamas, Sleep Sack, Singlet

SIX: Sprout Shell Cover All {$45}
Sprout Shell–Chic Infant Carrier Covers are designed to cover an infant’s carrier to protect it from the elements–and nosy strangers–while on the go. The all around elastic holds it in place, while the hole in the top lets air into Baby. Their other uses make them perfect from birth through toddlerhood.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Golden Mountains, Chic Chevron, Lovely Lattice

SEVEN: Luv Chicken Flower Power Mini Booster Seat {$40}
Your child will love the boost they get at the dinner table with the Luv Chicken Mini Booster Cushion. The Mini is great for smaller sized furniture and high-backed bar stools. Perfect for the movie theater, restaurants, and great on the floor! It’s the perfect child booster seat for kids ages 2 – 8 years.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Busy Bees, Playtime, Wild West

EIGHT: 21 Bundles {$40}
21 Bundles sends expecting and new moms hand-selected natural products tailored to their month of maturation. Each bundle is packed with full-size products and a smattering of samples. 9 months of pregnancy + the first 12 months of your baby’s life = 21 Bundles for your Bundle of Joy.

NINE: ZINK Imaging Happy Printer {$200}
hAppy is the portable, Wi-Fi®, app-accessory that allows you to print directly from smart phones and tablets. Just download the free ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app onto a smartphone or tablet (or use a 3rd party compatible app); load a ZINK zRoll™ (photographic-quality ZINK Paper in roll form), design, and then wirelessly print to the hAppy. It’s compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. hAppy is also compatible with Android™ smartphone and tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire™ tablets.

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #6

ONE: Happy Family Brands Gift Set {$25}
Happy Family lovingly devotes a mother’s care to crafting premium organic meals & snacks that nourish the most important parts of our lives. From babies to grownups and community to environment, we take great joy putting a healthy smile on all that we touch.

TWO: Infanteenie Beenies {$20}
Welcome to INFANTEENIE BEENIE, born on April 16, 2012!! "Infanteenie Beenies" are the only newborn hats GUARANTEED to fit & stay snug on all newborns! Whether you have been blessed with a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl, your baby will have the best quality hat during their hospital visit. Just hand the beenie to your nurse right after delivery and your infant will instantly have comfort, warmth & style in one bundle! Better yet, your baby will make a bold impression in the nursery and all their first photos will look absolutely amazing. These hats are handmade from newborn hospital hat material allowing you to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for your newest addition.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Newborn Sock & Mitten Set, Little Racer, Her First Bow

THREE: Aromaology Gift Set {$50}
I have carefully developed these eco-friendly gourmet soaps, aromatic soy candles, fragrant diffusers and an all in one bath body hair and massage oil – I hope you’ll try them all!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Clean Linen Candle, Tea Tree Oil Soap, Bar Soap 

FOUR: Little Trendsetters Gift Set {$50}
Little Trendsetters is your one stop shop for all your baby carrier needs. You can find anything from drool pads to carrier bags, everything stylish thing you need.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Drool Pad, Car Seat Strap Cover, Carrier Bag

FIVE: Medahm Infinity Nursing Shawl {$26}
Nurse in fashion with the Infinity Nursing Shawl Scarf. No more desperately trying to find a blanket or feeling like you are exposed with other nursing covers. This scarf is not only fashionable but also offers full coverage that hides your front, sides and back while you are nursing.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Sexy Nursing Pads, Nursing Shawl, Stone Infinity Scarf

SIX: Tiny Twerp Tees Onesies {$12.99ea}
Buy a tee for your Tiny Twerp today! All of the imagery and artwork is delightfully created exclusively by Tiny Twerp Tees! Our original wearable art is lovingly created and hand pressed to order in the size and color of your choosing.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
I Rule The Roost, Ninja Pride, You Looking At Me

SEVEN: Just Get Pampered Chevron Messenger Bag {$33}
The classic, never go out of style mint color will add a splash of wow to every outfit! This trendy purse is so versatile and the perfect size! Not too big, not too small.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Personalized Soap Bottle, Summer Striped Dress, Trendy big flower baby hat

EIGHT: Four Chairs Handmade Bedding Set {$90}
This gorgeous bedding set, made from two fabrics, includes: 1 duvet cover (80*130/ 90*130/ 100 * 135 cm.) 1 pillowcase (40 * 60 cm.)**You may order other size. Bedding set is made from highest quality cotton (100 %), so is perfect even for allergic kids. Bedding and buttons crafted by hand. This is why it is unique and full of love! Sleep tight!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Pillowcase, Handmade children bedding, Handmade baby owl quilt

NINE: Mama’s MoJo Shop Nursing/Teething Necklace {$15}
The necklaces are great for moms to wear when babies need something to chew on when they are teething, and when they need something to keep their hands occupied while they are nursing or taking a bottle! (Anyone else have a nursing twiddler? This can help redirect those hands!) They make a great accessory for mom’s who wear their babies often. I make these with as a seamless loop instead of a tie, so you can put it on with one hand (while holding a child with the other!). They usually end up being about 27", depending on the material.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Set of Three Small Toy Storage, Felt Busy Bag, Bath Toys Storage

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #7

ONE: AshleyNEF Car Organizer {$35}
This car organizer will fit anything from a first aid kit and tissues to an emergency stash of diapers and pacifiers. The large pockets make it very versatile.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Stretch Lace Newborn Wraps, Hot Pink Ruffle Bunting, Ruffle Baby Blanket TWO: KIND Snacks {24 @ $48}
We are a brand of delicious, all natural, foods made from ingredients you can see & pronounce®. With our lines of snack bars, KIND Fruit & Nut®, KIND PLUS™, and KIND Nuts & Spices, as well as our line of 100% Whole Grain granola, KIND Healthy Grains™, we have quickly become one the fastest growing brands in the natural foods space. Beyond crafting award winning foods, we aim to make the world a little kinder through the KIND Movement, which has inspired hundreds of thousands of unexpected acts of kindness around the world.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Madagascar Vanilla Almond, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein, Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants

THREE: The Makings of a Mommy Cowgirl Boots {$18}
These Cowboy boots are so so so cute! Perfect for a photo prop, Halloween, or just for fun! This listing is for the boots only. Can be made in any color.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mermaid Costume, Bonnet and Booties Set, Little Army Combat Set 

FOUR: The Makings of a Mommy Mermaid Costume {$50}
This mermaid set comes with the tail, seashell bra, and crown. It makes the most perfect photography prop or even a pretty cute costume! It can be made in a variety of colors. Just let me know what you have in mind and I’ll let you know your options. This set is made based on average sizes. The tail is NOT a cocoon. It does have a pocket in the back for little ones’ legs and feet to go in. And the larger sizes come with ties around the waist. If you would like it in a cocoon style.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mermaid Costume, Bonnet and Booties Set, Little Army Combat Set 

FIVE: Satin Stitch Designs Embossed Pink Chevron Crib Sheet {$50}
A crib sheet that is super soft and cuddly, made perfectly for baby’s comfort. This beautiful embossed blush pink chevron crib sheet is made with the best quality minky. The sheet is fitted and has an elastic that is encased all the way around the sheet to ensure a snug fit! Fits your standard 28 x 52 inch crib mattress.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Tiffany Blue and Gray Blanket, Blush Pink and White Stripe Changing Pad, Mustard and White Chevron Swaddling Blanket 

SIX: Women’s Zig Zag Chevron Print Blouse {$20}
Chevron is all the rage right now so don’t miss your chance to sport this classic Chevron patterned Blouse! Comes in 5 HOT colors! Choose from Blue, Navy, Fuchsia, Black and Navy!!! Limited Quantity for each color! Get them while they last!!!
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Best Buds Sundress, Crochet Poncho Top, Easy Going Chevron Romper

SEVEN: Paperless Towels {$39.50}
Here is an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, and a great way to help eliminate trash, and an easy way to help the environment. The paper-less towels are super absorbent, premium quality, 100% birds eye cotton and are serged around the edges for a clean finish. You can expect these work-horses to last for a very long time. I have used mine for about 2 years, and have washed them at least 200 times each……still going strong! Use them to mop up any spill, dry your hands, or for any typical use of paper towels. I throw mine in the washer and dryer with any and all loads of laundry (they take up very little space), because no special care is required.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Organic Little Wipes, Flannel Little Wipes, Wet Bags

EIGHT: 16 oz Hammered Copper Barrel Mug {$23.95}
100% pure copper barrel-shaped hammered Moscow Mule mug, 16 ounce size, Food-safe lacquer coating helps preserve beauty and shine. Not for microwave use. Hand wash only. Seamless hygienic interior.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Copper barrel-shaped, Mr. and Mrs. Moscow Mule, Copper punch bowl and ladle

NINE: Multi Colored Striped Teepee {$130}
Each teepee is hand made with quality fabric and thread to ensure no tearing at the seams. Each seam is double stitched with a finished edge. The teepees are approximately 5 ft. x 5 ft x 5ft. Poles are included they measure 6 ft high. Made from pvc pipe and painted. The poles are joined together with parachute cord and wrapped securely around all poles. Also I’ve included loops sewn on the inside of the teepee with holes drilled through the poles to secure the teepee to the frame when it’s folded up. It comes shipped to you ready for play. Great for bedrooms, playrooms, parties, photo props or sunny afternoons outside. Teepees can fold up for easy storage and open without having to reassemble. Spot clean recommended. Please contact me for international shipping.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Indian/native American, Gray and white stripe, Polkadot multicolor

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #8

ONE: Kitchen to Table 2-Section Caddy {$20}
Functional in the kitchen and beautiful on the Table, Serve different types of items in the same dish making it versatile, Designed to carry Kitchen to Table companion products but also sized to hold store bought containers. Easy to clean, and easy to assemble/disassemble. Great for organizing products in the fridge.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Spice Grinder, Salad Dressing Server, Confetti 4-piece Prep Bowl Set 

TWO: The Baby Burp Gift Certificate {$25}
The Baby Burp is an online marketplace for everything baby, toddler and mommy! New, Handmade, Custom-made, and New Inventions can be found there! They give their Sellers an outlet to sell their products around the clock from the comfort of their own home. They want to provide a way to support small businesses, inventors and mompreneurs’ by giving them a unique outlet for sales. They encourage you to visit this site often because new Sellers and new products are added daily. You won’t find some of their products at any of your local stores guaranteed!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Fox Hat, Baby Carseat Canopy, Grey Chevron Birth Cloth Set

THREE: baby-Beehaven Cush ‘n Go Memory Foam Stroller Liner {$44}
Give your child the best seat outside the house with the ultimate solution in stroller support and style, recommended and used by medical professionals.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Swing Cover, Nursing Pillow, See n’ Store

FOUR: Nurse Purse {$129}
Designed to hold your pump, cooler, all your gear and your personal items – it’s the only bag you’ll need to carry. The adjustable, removable insert will fit nearly all models of breast pump, and is easily converted to use as a purse, diaper bag or tote when you are done pumping. Roomy enough to carry any standard bottle cooler, with special area for a laptop or tablet, and a space for file folders. A zippered, interior pocket keeps your personal items safe, and 2 outer pockets are large enough for bottles or a commuter mug.

FIVE: Just Pretend Kids Ocean Mermaid Costume {$60}
Plunge into magical waters full of bewitching creatures and friendly fish with our Ocean Mermaid costume. Turquoise sequin “scales” will dazzle as your child holds court during playtime as a magical mermaid.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Ladybug Romper, Parrot Romper, Owl Romper

SIX: Bebe au Lait Nursing Essentials {$50}
Bébé au Lait Nursing Essentials are practical, yet stylish, new-baby basics. Containing 1 Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover + 3 Contoured Burp Cloths with a matching trim, this bundle is perfect for gift-giving!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Amalfi, Palazzo, Sparrow/ Vintage Stripe

SEVEN: The Pink Polka Dot Boutique Nursery Set {$100+}
My name is Christine Reid and I am the owner at The Pink Polka Dot Boutique. I have been sewing for ages now and love it. I have owned The Pink Polka Dot for almost 4 years now and plan on continuing my online business and enlarging it once both my children graduate. My husband has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and raise our 2 wonderful children ages 10 and 7. I currently am running the shop myself…. so YES things get crazy around here sometimes! But…I love to sew and keep busy. When I am not with my children and supportive husband I am sewing.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Crib Sheets, Changing Pad Cover, Cotton Boppy Covers 

EIGHT: Chic Canvas {$100} is a professional
giclee printing service that provides personalized photos on canvas and designer canvas prints in the United States. Printing on Canvas can be unbelievable and cherished photo gifts for people of all ages. Canvas photo prints and the traditional canvas photo are revolutionizing the digital photography marketplace. Canvas printing using inkjet printers from Epson and others will create a timeless photo on canvas. Experience our expertise and get a digital canvas print today!

NINE: The New Clothesline Company LOFTi {$80}
LOFTi™ is a clothes-drying rack that suspends from the ceiling by an easy-to-use pulley system. Designed to hold an entire load of laundry, LOFTi™ uses the warmth of your home to dry clothes without a drop of fossil fuel. Environmentally friendly, LOFTi™ brings an unmatched value to your home. With its adjustable tubes, LOFTi’s versatility can fit into nearly any space. Load it. Lift it. Love it.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #9

ONE: Multi-Pack of Bamboobies {$25}
Regular Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads. Ultra-thin, heart-shaped regular nursing pads are made for light leaking. Overnight Bamboobies nursing pads are not only ultra-soft, but larger, thicker and super absorbent for heavy leaking and newborn nursing.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Boob♥ease Therapy Products, Bamboobies Brahhh, Chic Nursing Shawl 

TWO: Amy & Brian Naturals {$38}
Amy & Brian Coconut Juice is the “water” of only young green coconuts from the best growing regions in Thailand. Our all natural products are 100% juice straight from the coconut. They are pure, refreshing, and full of naturally occurring electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

THREE: Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender {$7}
Washing little hands can be a challenge in and of itself… a challenge made easier with our handy faucet EXTENDER, designed to bring the water source to little hands rather than making them reach. Ah, independence is beckoning! Here’s to clean hands.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Wearable Blanket, Slumber Bear, Diaper Depot 

FOUR: The Dairy Fairy Sadie All In One Nursing and Handsfree Pumping Tank {$75}
An All in One tank for nursing and hands free pumping. Adjustable, comfortable and attractive to wear all day, in and out. TO PUMP: Simply unhook the links on the bottom band to open the cross over cover panels to expose the pumping openings. TO NURSE: Open the cross over cover panels to expose the pull aside nursing panel. TO ADJUST: Clip the hook into one of the 5 adjusters on the bottom band, to loosen or tighten the fit.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Arden All-in-One Handsfree Pumping Bra, Silver Nipple Shields 

FIVE: Silly Mama Quilts Pink Ombre Quilt {$100}
Fresh and Fun is the focus for Silly Mama Quilts. This shop was born out of a difficult time in my life when my brother passed away 5+ years ago. As a way to shower his wife and children with love, I made quilts and quilted projects. I so enjoyed working with fabrics and colors that they liked and were outside my comfort zone. I then became passionate about creating fun and fresh projects. The wide variety of fabrics and designers makes this an amazing job. I currently design projects for the Quilted Fish, aka Amanda Herring, Sheri McCulley Studio, Alison Glass and Ann Kelle and monthly tutorials in the Intrepid Thread’s newsletter.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Shack Quilt, Table Runner, Mug Rug

SIX: PackIt Freezable Baby Cooler {$25}
PackIt is modernizing the way you will keep anything you need cold! Our new innovative products are lined with a revolutionary eco-gel liner that not only creates cold and but also keeps items cold up to 10 hours without having to use ice or gel packs. This allows our products to keep anything you want to pack colder longer….a lot longer. They fold compactly and store directly in the freezer until you are ready to use them. Come check us out!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Freezable Lunch Bag, Freezable Snack Bag, Freezable Shopping Bag

SEVEN: Shop Memento Personalized Women’s and Girl’s Apron Set {$52}
Women’s and Girl’s Personalized Apron with Cupcake Applique monogrammed with your name. For Mommy and Me. Makes the perfect birthday gift. It can be embroidered with a name, monogram, title or nickname. The Pink Rainbow Treat Cupcake comes on a pink apron with brown embroidery.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Personalized Waffle Robes, Personalized Waffle Robes, Large Bags

EIGHT: Pink Lining Mum on the Run {$60}
If on the go with your toddler and unwilling to pack a whole bag, just pop wipes, nappies, a change of clothes and snacks into the mini yummy mummy and off you go! It comes with a fold up changing mat, zip front pocket for keys, money and phone as well as a back pocket and dividing pouches inside.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Yummy Mummy Bags, Mama et Bebe Messenger, Blooming Gorgeous Totes

NINE: City Cosmetics City Face Skin Remodeler {$67}
City Face Anti-Aging Moisturizer replenishes the skin with intense hydration that restores luminosity that diminishes over time. The exclusive formula is designed to restore skin’s youthful, firmness while reducing deep facial wrinkles. Enriched with a potent blend of active peptides Kombucha, Celadrin, Vitamin C and Antioxidants, City Face boosts collagen production and provides intense hydration throughout the day.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
City Lips, City Lash, City Skin

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #10

ONE: Classic Honeycomb Muslin Swaddle Blankets {$25}
Stylish, over-sized and comfortable…this 2-pack of swaddle blankets is great for any baby. A soft blue, mint, and brown pattern adorns these 100% cotton muslin blankets, which are tender to touch and super soft for babies’ delicate skin.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Chevron and Hot Pink Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Patriotic Stripes Satin Petti Romper, Yellow Polka Dot Leg Warmers

TWO: Fit 4 U Swimwear Romper {$110}
Fit 4 U’s 3 Tiered Romper is perfectly Fit 4 Ur Hips! This amazing romper is not only trendy in style but it hides & camouflages hips, rear and tummy issues. The 3 tier design wraps all the way flattering and concealing any bulges. Bottom is cut on an angle to slim hips and thighs. Adj. straps allow you to fit this style perfectly 4 U. Inside, is a fully constructed tank and soft cups offer support. This is the best style for all over coverage in a trend on look!!! Color: Ocean, Sizes 16W-24W
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Brush Stroke Mesh High Neck, Boy Meets Girl Adjustable Strap Mesh Peplum Scoop Neck Tankini, Bright Spot Adj. Strap 3 Tiered Scoop Neck Top 

THREE: Badaboum Sleeping Bag {$47}

Dulcet is a winter sleeping bag and is intended to be worn over a regular sleepwear. The recommended room temperature is 65- 72°F. The shell is 100% cotton and filling 100% polyester. Simply adjust your baby’s nightwear to help to ensure your baby neither overheats nor get too cold. Care instruction: Wash before use, Warm water, Tumble dry on low heat, Do not iron.

FOUR: All That Sass Boutique Onesies {$18-23.50}
Unique baby and toddler apparel, from one mom to another!
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Yuppie Boy, As a Matter of Fact, Daddy Dressed Me

FIVE: Core Bamboo Two Tone Woven Tray {$48}
The fun design of this rectangle woven bamboo tray is a true crowd pleaser. This two-tone serving tray is perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining alike. The large size is perfect for carrying serve ware from kitchen to table as well as displaying, drinks and snacks at your next barbeque.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Home Décor, Cutting Boards, Bowls

SIX: Beco Soleil Baby Carrier {$140}
Product Zoom
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
gemini, organic, mini 

SEVEN: Ah Goo Baby The Ark {$50}
The Ark™ by Ah Goo Baby® is built around our luxurious, air-molded memory foam mattress that relieves pressure points to keep your baby relaxed during changings.  It is made up of billions of high-density, elastic micro cushions.  When the temperature-sensitive cells come in contact with the warm areas of your baby’s body, they get softer and more pliable.  In cooler areas, they stay firm.  The cells will literally float to conform to your baby’s tiny contours.  The cells shift so your baby doesn’t have to.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
The Grab-and-Go Bag, Kneekers®, The Bib and The Burp Cloth

EIGHT: Marvin on the Move -Tote/Diaper Bag {$175}
This is our fabulously stylish, yet practical tote that makes a perfect diaper bag. Indestructable. All have polished nickel clasps which can be opened to attach bag to a stroller or chair if needed. The adjustable soft seatbelt straps make this bag extremely comfortable to carry even with a large load. Made from our “Wipe it up” Messy Marvin lead free PVC lined fabric, ain’t nothing getting through this sucker! Can double as a cooler because don’t all Moms need a drink?
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mobile Marvin, Sofabulous, Drop Zone

NINE: Curad® First Aid Kits; 75 Pieces X 6 {$49}
Curad® First aid kit features a durable hard case and is available in an inner tray pack with tear-away top, sold as 6 per case. First aid case type: Carry case. Its durable hard case is great for carrying and keeping all first aid pieces together. Economical kit is great for storing in your car, at the office, or in your boat. Latex free. Fits into a purse, backpack, gym bag or suitcase. Contains all the essential CURAD® brand first aid items including latex free bandages, gauze pads and alcohol swabs. Comes in an inner tray pack with tear-away top for easy merchandising. Compact 75-pc, kit comes in a reusable and refillable zippered soft case. Perfect for any size bag, and includes a trial size of the curad Hold Tite™ tubular stretch bandage.

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #11

ONE: Re-Play Sorbet Set {$45}
Our starter set includes 6 divided plates, 6 utensil sets and 6 drinking cups. Some of the many features include: Spoon has a deep scoop for children learning to use utensils. Fork has durable, rounded tips for your child’s safety. Divided plate’s deep walls are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Plus, the ample sections of this plate provide plenty of room for any mealtime combination. Drinking cups are sized just right for the thirstiest toddler and stackable for easy storage
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Starter Sets and Parts, Divided Plates, Bowls

TWO: Swaddle Tee {$30}
SwaddleTee™ is the most effective sleep aid on the market for mothers and babies. The blanket is an easy-to-use wrap that swaddles a newborn baby into a tight bundle, reminiscent of the womb. It is a specially designed blanket that is pre-cut and sewn making it simple to secure and ensures a snug fit that adjusts to all size babies. The result is longer, uninterrupted sleep for both mother and baby which produces a happier, healthier family.

THREE: Prince Lionheart WeePOD® Basix {$18}
Soft, cushiony seating surface is comfortable and gives Toddler a sense of security during training time. Built in splash guard. Attaches securely with suction cups. Easy to remove and wipe clean. Stands upright when not in use.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Wearable Blanket, Slumber Bear, Diaper Depot 

FOUR: PunkinWrap {$48}
Designed to be safe and multifunctional, the PunkinWrap has a detachable strap that allows you to use it as a blanket, sunshade, changing pad, tummy time mat, and nursing cover. Don’t be afraid to get it dirty – 100% cotton and no wire at the neckline means that it looks new after every wash. The PunkinLinks system was created with function in mind. Use the links to attach the PunkinWrap to your choice of baby transportation item. Did we mention that it is all made here in the USA?
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Tulsa, Manhattan, Newport

FIVE: Freshly Picked Moccasins {$60}
Freshly Picked moccasins feature a unique design with elastic at the opening. Their shoes are easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot. Their soft-soled shoes are made with durable leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. Moccasins fit true to size and are available in children sizes 1 – 10.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Red Rock Suede, Raspberry, Rose Gold

SIX: Nested Bean Zen Swaddle {$40}
Your touch can signal comfort, security and love to your baby allowing them to calm and sleep peacefully. But it’s not always possible to hold your baby as much as either of you would like. Zen Swaddle™ mimics that sensation. Based on the medically proven benefits of simulated touch, its lightly weighted areas on either side and at the center provide the security they feel only in your arms. The Zen Swaddle™ 2 sizes in 1 design lasts twice as long from birth to 6 months. A smaller interior pouch keeps your baby’s legs snug during the first few weeks, while the extra long sack offers additional leg room to grow up to 29".
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Zen Swaddle™ Classic, Zen Swaddle™ Premier, Zen Swaddle™ Premier: Flying Adventures of Bunny

SEVEN: Fairhaven Health OvaCue Fertility Monitor {$329}
The OvaCue Fertility Monitor consists of a hand-held monitor with a colored screen, an oral sensor, and a vaginal sensor – the ideal combination for pinpointing your most fertile days in your cycle and for confirming when ovulation occurred. The monitor has been demonstrated to be over 98% accurate in predicting ovulation in studies funded by the National Institute of Health.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
OvaBoost for Egg Quality, FertiliTea Fertility Enhancing Tea Bags, FertilAid for Women Fertility Supplement

EIGHT: Turnovers Baby Shop 2pc Ellie Set {$42}
TWO PIECE SET – Long-sleeved, reversible bodysuit with envelope-style neckline and a three-snap crotch closure for easy changing. Pull-on pants (included) match the bodysuit trim color. This soft set is comfy enough to snuggle in, yet fashionable enough for taking family photos!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
HOODIE – Mint, LEAF SET – Pinecone, ELLIE SET – Grapevine

NINE: Zutano Aden & Anais SwaddlePlus {$40}
This 4-pack of Swaddle Plus Multi-Use Blankets by Aden and Anais feature unique Zutano designs that coordinate with our Owls collection; a butterfly print, a floral, Owls and a pink stripe. Generously sized at 44 x 44 inches these swaddles recreate the comfort of the womb and help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep by swaddling baby with 100% cotton muslin. These blankets are breathable which means they help reduce the risk of overheating. The more you wash them the softer they get! These Multi-Use muslin blankets are very versatile and can be used as a swaddle, stroller cover, tummy time blanket, burp cloth and more.
Product is available at all buy buy baby stores nationwide.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Zutano Just For Aden Owl Little Bib 3-Pack, Zutano Just For Aden Sunday Drive Burpy Bib, Zutano Just For Aden Owls Washcloth 3-Pack

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #12

ONE: Goumi Kids Newborn Set {$40}
Designed to be daily stay-on essentials for newborns, our set is the perfect companion for baby’s early months. Why a special newborn size for the hat? Because babies’ heads grow at a different rate then their hands and feet.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
goumihat in Pinwheels, goumiboots in Pinwheels, goumimitts in Pinwheels

TWO: CorsCandles Gift Set {$40}
The Pyramid Candles in the Vintage Lace Collection are made from all natural Palm Wax which is derived from Palm Trees. The Palm Wax when melted between 199-203 degrees, will have a crystallized effect when it cools giving it an incredibly unique appearance. The large pyramids burn for 55 hours and the small for 25 hours.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Black Raspberry Vanilla, Floating Candle Collection, Starry Night Collection

THREE: Lexypexy The Harlan {$19}
Bon appetit! This Eco croissant is safe from all chemicals (calories) and toxins. It is all natural sustainable Maple wood which is rock hard, naturally antibacterial and non splintering.  All of the intricate designs are permanently etched in the wood featuring both sides of the croissant. Also includes the Lexypexy logo, location and year made.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
The Cameron, The Leo, The Gavin

FOUR: Jrfashionista Floral Jumpsuit {$25}
NEW In for 2014 this super sweet floral jumpsuit. A great look for every day wear. Side pockets and spaghetti string tie top.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Han kerchief Dress SET!, Boys Double Breasted Jacket, Casual Neon Floral Set

FIVE: Boppy Gift Set {$60}
The Boppy® Gift Set is the belle of the baby shower! Includes the award-winning Boppy Luxe Pillow with plush, removable cover.  Boppy Pillow and slipcover are both machine washable.  Also included are coordinating hat, bib, ring toy and crinkle toy.  This set comes in a beautiful box, just add a bow!
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Boppy® Changing Pad Set, Boppy® Flying Circus Play Gym with Toy Box, Boppy® Gentle Forest™ Toy Box

SIX: Boppy Baby Chair {$55}
The new Boppy® Baby Chair was designed to go from floor seat to table seat. The Boppy Baby Chair passes all US safety standards and includes a three-point harness for baby and chair attachment straps. Folds down for easy storage and portability.  Soft, wipeable fabric makes cleaning a snap.  One chair for all your needs! Exclusively for sale at Babies”R”Us.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Boppy® Changing Pad Set, Boppy® Flying Circus Play Gym with Toy Box, Boppy® Gentle Forest™ Toy Box

SEVEN: Bold Displays Square Mini Cupcake Stand {$45}
If your planning a small party and are in need of a display for your cupcakes or cake pops, this is the stand for you. It is hand crafted using MDF board (A type of wood) and PVC for the spacing. It will last well through your party and many to come. Each stand is made for easy disassembling so you can store it away until future events. The stands are available in Black or White. The tier dimensions are 6" 8" 10".
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mini Cupcake Stand, Rustic Cupcake Stand, Cake Pop Stands

EIGHT: Bold Displays S Cake Pop Stand {$22}
Thanks for checking out our new S Cake pop Display. This unique Hand Crafted stand is constructed out of 3/4" square aluminum tubing, with four non slip rubber feet, it holds 12 Cake Pops on each stand. Its curvy light weight feel makes it easy to fit most anywhere. This would be a great match for the Cake Pops at your next party or wedding, also great for bakery’s.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mini Cupcake Stand, Rustic Cupcake Stand, Cake Pop Stands

NINE: My Rosey Posey Charcoal Arrow Boppy {$30}
Our covers are made to fit the standard Boppy Bare Naked Pillow (that’s just the Boppy without a cover). They are serged along the insides, so wash and dry them as much as you need. They are generously sized, so you won’t have a problem stuffing your pillow in. Each one comes with a 22" white zipper on the outside edge.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mustard See Quilt, Charcoal arrow crib skirt, Pink arrows Changing Pad

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #13

ONE: The Wooden Horse Name Puzzle {$18}
You can create your own puzzle – with a name, date or short greeting! Surprise little friends or loved ones! Puzzle size depends on the number of characters – max. 10 letters. The letter height of 1,96" (5 cm). Jigsaw puzzle made ​​of plywood, laser cut. Attention – all letters are placed easily. If you feel the need to push them, please change position, otherwise you can break puzzle details. Write in your order comments exact name you want – only capital letters, first letter capital. Packed in cardboard. Special holder is included. Puzzle produces up to 5 business days after payment.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Wooden Handmade Swing, Personalize Wooden Teether, Rocking Horse

TWO: The Wooden Horse Kids Swing {$30}
KIDS WOODEN SWING is perfect for children from 3 years old. Swing helps to develop a sense of balance, coordination, spatial perception and – most importantly – gives a myriad of positive emotions and joy! Parts of this wooden swing are pleasant to touch – they are smooth and completely safe for your child – made from real birch wood, not colored, varnished. We recommend to regularly check the suspension and connecting parts. Do not leave child unattended while playing.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Wooden Handmade Swing, Personalize Wooden Teether, Rocking Horse

THREE: Nellie’s All-Natural 100 Load Soda Tin {$21}
Our all-natural products provide more than an exceptional clean. They instead help your family go green, stripping away toxins and chemicals. Nellie’s cleans clothes  and soften fabrics without leaving behind that dreaded residue that can absorb into your skin. From dryerballs to laundry soda and everything in between, Nellie’s All-Natural has you covered!
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
50 & 100 Load Laundry Soda, Oxygen Brightener, Dishwasher Powder

FOUR: My Rosey Posey Mustard Seed Quilt {$90}
The triangles are printed on this fabric! A 41"x 52" mustard seeds triangle blanket. Solid mint back out of 100% cotton. 9 rows of double horizontal stripe stitching. Layer of batting in between. Triangle colors are teal black white mustard grey mint and taupe.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Mustard See Quilt, Charcoal arrow crib skirt, Pink arrows Changing Pad

FIVE: Whole Parenting Goods Set of 5 Cotton & Chenille Wipes {$18}
These perfectly soft washcloths or wipes will make bath time a happier experience for everyone! The babe will love the softness and the parent will love the size and durability. Packs of five make a perfect gift for that special loved one in your life, or a new babe arrival.
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Vintage Floral Bandit Bib, Choose Your Own Flaxseed, 0-6 month / / Little Girl Fancy

SIX: Lucy & Leo Lila Dress {$54}
The Lila Dress is the perfect light and airy dress for warm weather. Button strap makes dressing easy.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Organic Leo Zip Jacket, Flutter Dress, Short Sleeve Bodysuit

SEVEN: NurturMe Gift Set {$40}
NurturMe provides innovative and sustainable options for busy, modern parents to help ensure their children are getting the nutrition they need to live a yummy life – including the first 100% pure quinoa alternative to traditional rice cereals, dry pouch infant meals that can be mixed with breast milk or formula for added nutrients, and healthy toddler snacks that deliver 1.5 servings of fruit AND veggies in each pouch.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:

EIGHT: Cheekie Charlie Party of One T-shirt {$20}
Cheekie Charlie creates an unexpected spin on everyday basics with creative & functional design for infants and toddlers that include three interchangeable snap-on bibs and bodysuits that are 100% cotton and made in the USA.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Sail Away Bib Set, Please in Slate, Little Pickle

NINE: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock! {$21}
Reality Shock! is the 2015 edition of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! bestselling annual series. This incredible collection is loaded with unbelievable facts, amazing stories, and incredible animals. With amazing photography, zany stories and unbelievable facts and figures, this book is sure to be a favorite with adults and children alike.

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #14

ONE: Tidy Tots Diapers Great Start Set {$270}
Our Great Start Set is jam packed with comfy covers and snuggly soft diapers to pamper your baby. To make life a little easier, every set comes with 100 flushable liners, pre-washed and ready to use hemp diapers and boosters, and a free wet bag, Everything you need to naturally diaper your baby and simplify your life. Our patented design is the is the perfect mix of fit, style and function.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
One Size Great Start Sets, One Size Essential Sets, One Size Covers

TWO: Dainty and Lion Jagged Striped Dress {$23}
Combining vibrant colors and a fun bounce, these dresses are perfect for any summer occasion! They can be dressed up with accessories for an event or stand on own as a fun dress to run, jump, and most importantly, twirl in!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Shorts, Dresses, Pajamas

THREE: BabyTops Newborn Sock Monkey Hat {$17}
This adorable sock monkey hat looks super cute in pictures and to wear everyday! This hat comes in 0-3mo, 3-6mo, 6-12mo. There is a separate listing for bigger sizes.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Crochet Hat- The Bennett Set, Crochet Hat- The Kate Hat, Crochet Crowns 

FOUR: BabyTops Newborn Elephant Hat {$14}
This adorable for newborn pictures or for everyday wear! This hat comes in size 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. There is a separate listing for bigger sizes!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Crochet Hat- The Bennett Set, Crochet Hat- The Kate Hat, Crochet Crowns 

FIVE: BabyTops Hat and Diaper Cover {$20}
This adorable set is perfect for pictures or for everyday wear. This set comes in sizes 0-3mo, 3-6mo, and 6-12 month sizes. This set can also come on different colors, please email me with the colors you’d like!
Ashley Suzanne Faves:
Crochet Hat- The Bennett Set, Crochet Hat- The Kate Hat, Crochet Crowns 

SIX: Baby K’tan Nifty Shades of Grey {$60}
Baby K’tan proudly provides families with high quality products which are designed to help promote the natural bond between parent and baby.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Zebra Pendant, BinkiBear Brown Large, K’tanCloth 3-IN-1

SEVEN: J.R. Watkins Gift Set {$55)
America’s Trusted Natural Products Company. Natural product solutions for your entire family and home. Organic Spices and Herbs, natural plant-based home care cleaners, 95% and above natural personal care, natural-based remedies and supplements.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Pomegranate & Acai Bath & Body Oil, Pomegranate & Acai Hand & Body Lotion, Vanilla Extract

EIGHT: Mighty Leaf Tea Gift Set {$55}
Since ancient times, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves has been revered as the richest in character. Today we proudly continue the tradition. Our handcrafted silken biodegradable pouches are packed with artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags. Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be.
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Tea Pouches, Loose Tea, Iced Tea

NINE: Canvas4Life16×20 Canvas Print {$78.99}
Canvas4Life is an exciting and innovative company giving people worldwide the ability to transform their digital photos into amazing canvas prints.

Ashley Suzanne Best of the Best Gift Guide #15

ONE: iCoffee by Remington {$170}
iCoffee by Remington is a new coffee brewer that recently debuted as the first new coffee brewing technology in over 50 years. iCoffee took seven years and over 1,257 prototypes to perfect. iCoffee’s patented SteamBrew™ technology makes it the first coffee brewer ever to utilize steam jets inside the coffee brew basket. The SteamBrew™ jets first pre-steam the coffee and then stir the coffee throughout the brewing process so each of the coffee grounds is completely suspended and surrounded by hot water at the perfect brewing temperature. Next, a rich coffee crema forms, indicating the elimination of bitter and acidic aftertastes. It makes a smooth, creamy cup of coffee and would be a great gift for a coffee lover!

TWO: Erin Condren Design Gift Card {$100}
Personalized stationery, gift labels, photo cards, calendars & more! Visit us at!
Ashley Suzanne’s Faves:
Calendars and Books, acrylic blocks, Paper, Stickers & More!

THREE: SoftBums Summer Splash Collection Package {$99.95}

This Package includes 1 of each NEW Shell and 4 Pods: 1 Love Blossom ECHO Hybrid Shell, 1 Froggy OMNI Pocket/all-in-2 Shell, 1 Puddle ECHO Hybrid Shell, 1 Puddle OMNI  Pocket/all-in-2 Shell, and 4 Large Dry Touch PODS. SoftBums Patent Pending Slide² Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of it’s kind. Fits all legs widths from 4" – 14" for NO red marks EVER. Made in the USA! Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system! SoftBums looks smaller than leading brands, because it’s Ultra Trim. No Leaks, Thanks to Slide²Size Technology! SoftBums protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables! Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won’t "wear out" like other velcro. Reusable SoftBums shell saves money, space, and resources.

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