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We started Boba because we believed Freedom Together with your kids is possible and we wanted to share that passion with parents around the world. We care about children, and we extend that caring to our customers every day through unrivaled quality products and outstanding customer support. Our products are designed, considering the needs of the child, mother, and father.

Seeing how I am a Boba Ambassador, I wanted to writing a baby wearing post from a different angle. I have worn my niece in my Boba carrier before and if I can find the picture I will share it with you below. Boba is all about helping moms to see how baby wearing can be safe and fun.

I would like to introduce you to four lovely baby wearers and moms below plus show you what their thoughts and ideas are on safe baby wearing!

Safe Babywearing

Jessica from And Then There Were 5 – Welcome to AND THEN THERE WERE 5…! I’m Jessica, Stay-At-Home mama to three crazy hooligans; Cohen, Elias, and Natalie. At And Then There Were 5 you can read all about Jessica’s endeavors in natural and attachment parenting PLUS check out all the best new products for parents and children.

Babywearing has been such a passion of mine for years and my favorite carrier, by far, the Boba, has been Natalie’s one and only since birth.

Even though she is big, I can wear her for hours and not get a sore back or shoulders.. Seriously- I’m not fibbing! And you know what?! She has never faced out in her life and has not missed out on a thing. Sometimes, she cranes around to see things but most of the time, she just looks to the sides, like she is in this picture, and she is plenty involved in what’s going on around us!

– Jessica at And Then There Were 5

Andrea from Momma in Flip-flops –  my name is Andrea, and I’m a 31 year old Catholic wife and mom! I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 9 years. We have a boy who’s eight, a little girl who is six, a four year old son, and a little man born November 2012 with two little angels in heaven.

A few reasons that inward facing babywearing is the best. The bonding, from the moment a baby is born the infant is placed on a mothers chest helping regulate breathing & they feel your heart beating. This is the same as your babywear facing inward, your child is close to you recreating what they loved in utero. I love that you are able to tend to their every need, you know what they need because they’re right in front of you. Kissable and reachable! You are able to give more snuggles and kisses and when babe falls asleep (which from my experience, babywearing does every time) they are in a position you can keep them in and they’re physically comfortable from the arch of their body to the comfort for their neck.

– Andrea at Momma in Flip-flops

Carrie from Huppie Mama – Sometimes my sister calls me a ‘hippie’ because of the earth-friendly, back-to-basics nature of these products, and sometimes she calls me a ‘yuppie’ because of the level of research I do and the extra few dollars I’m willing to spend to buy something special for my family. So what does that make me? A well-educated, earth-friendly mama – a huppie!

Proper babywearing makes it quite easy to breastfeed your child. I have done this while walking, while exploring a cave hundreds of feet underground, on Disney rides, etc.

Babywearing is so much more comfortable for caregivers when the child is properly positioned. The child’s weight is distributed evenly, allowing you to wear your child for a longer period of time.

Your child’s legs are properly-supported, which allows him/her to sit comfortably without putting too much pressure on the thighs/pelvis.

For smaller babies, facing inward can provide the head/neck support they need while those muscles are learning to work more independently.

Proper babywearing can provide a calm, soothing experience for your child. This is especially great for children who tend to get overstimulated by their environment.

It allows you to be hands-free, so that you can go grocery shopping, prepare lunch, do the laundry, and any other chores.

And perhaps the best reason of all…When your child is facing you, he/she can look up at you, touch your face, give you kisses, talk to you, and snuggle!

– Carrie at Huppie Mama

Rachel from The Northeast Sling Library – I’m Rachel, an experienced babywearer and babywearing consultant who in July 2011 decided to establish the NESL to help the NE to carry their babies big and small. I’m mama to Mr H (3yrs) and Mr I (19months).

Boba has the tag line ‘freedom together’ and that is what the sling library and the slings we stock hope to give parents. The freedom to explore, freedom from reflux symptoms (you can read more about health benefits’ of slings here) and importantly the ability to have your hands free, which if you have older children is a must.

– Rachel at The Northeast Sling Library

I love how all four moms both state that baby wearing is a passion of theirs and that they love having their babies closer.


Above is a picture of me wearing my niece in a Boba 3G. She was sick at the time and the only way that she was happy was if she was snuggled up facing me in the Boba. I loved it!

Boba is the only baby carrier company that exclusively sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward. Research shows that carrying baby facing inward helps baby attach in a healthy way to parents and prevents hip dysplasia, allowing baby to stay safe and healthy, both physically and psychologically. For more information on Safe baby wearing visit here.

If you are interested in learning more about attachment parenting and babywearing the check out Boba on Facebook and Twitter as well look at some of the pins below that I think will help you!

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  1. I agree. When the baby faces you, you can see all the beautiful faces and sound they make and kiss them all the time. They grow up so fast so every minute counts and an inwarded facing baby wearing allows you to cherish as much time as possible.

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