Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1") REVIEW

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My mom calls my hair beautiful and with a lot of body, but I just call it plain out nappy. I started using a cheap hair straightener that I bought from a local store, and it seemed to take forever to get my hair straight. After talking with Flat Iron Experts, I was super excited to find out that they would be sending me the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1″)!

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron 7

Not only did I receive the straightener, but also a holder and some thermal shine!

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron 3

This Cortex Solo is a very heavy duty little straightener and is truly like the one the professionals use! It is made up of titanium plates that help make hair healthier and gives it a high gloss shine, without pulling your hair out. Literally. It also has an adjustable temperature that extends all the way up to 450 degrees! That is hot!!

One of the things that I love about this straightener is the fact that it only takes 6 seconds or less to heat all the way up to 450 degrees, while the leading store brands seem to take longer. Plus it maintains its temperature instead of going in and out while styling. This is a plus to have when you are in a hurry to get ready for school or work!

I love how it can also function as a curling iron in the fact that it can straighten, flip and curl your hair. It is very sleek and has a non-slip grip that allows for comfort and safety. Another thing that I love about my Cortex straightener is the fact that it has a 360 degree swivel cord to prevent the cord from tangling! This allows for a true range of motion while straightening, not to also mention the fact that the straightener has a limited lifetime warranty!

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron 4

The thermal shine is a formulated spray that protects your hair from the heat and also adds an ultra glossy shine. The way that I do my hair, is I take a shower and wash it the night before, put it in a bun and sleep on it, then when I wake up my hair is dry, and I just straighten it. My younger sister, uses the thermal shine and her hair care technique is to take a shower that night, spray it in her wet hair, let it dry naturally and then either straighten that night or in the morning. I personally wouldn’t be able to do that because I just don’t like to have any hair style products on my head. Even though the thermal spray is a non-greasy micro mist spray that eliminates frizz, it just doesn’t fit into my hair care routine : )

So now that I have told all about the wonderful aspects of the Cortex straightener, let me show you my before and after picture!

Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron 8

See how nappy my hair was before using the straightener and how much better it looks afterward? I promise that is not grey in my hair, just the shine from the camera! It also only takes me about 10 minutes to straightener my hair at 450 degrees which is so much more faster! After all I LOVE my new Cortex Giraffe Straightener!

WARNING: I feel like I need to add this label. PLEASE DO NOT keep this straightener on 450 degrees and on a certain section of your hair for more than 20 seconds, as it can and will damage or burn your hair. Don’t believe me, watch youtube!


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  1. Ooh that is the nicest looking straightener that I’ve seen! Did a wonderful job on your hair too. So pretty! 😉

  2. So straight and lovely!

  3. Love the before and after. Your facial expressions are hilarious!

  4. Love the fun patterns!! Very cute 🙂


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