Meet The Reviewers

Many of you may or may not know, that I {Ashley Suzanne} am not the only person who helps with the reviews. I write them all, true, but there are a few other people who are brave enough to help me to truly put these products to the test.

Starting with the youngest is sweet Natalie, she is 19 months old, and is my niece! She loves all sorts of things and is a very happy baby! She is my model for all of the cloth diapers and other neat baby gadgets.

Natalie 19 months

This is actually not a very recent picture, but I hope to update it very soon : )

The next is my 14 year old sister, Marlee. She is into all the new fads and trends, and is a very beautiful person both inside and out. Marlee loves to help review all things food, and has a very different taste than the rest of us.


Next is my 20 something year old uncle Michael and his little boy Landon, that comes to visit almost every weekend. Michael is very opinionated and not afraid to say his true feelings. His son Landon enjoys playing with all the new toys and has such a strong and neat imagination.

Landon and Michael

The next two are my wonderful parents! I love them both so much, as well as my other family members above, but my parents share something special. They share such a beautiful love and are the best of friends. They have been married for 27 years and going on strong! My parents are Suzanne and Marlon and they enjoy helping me review all types of household items, such as laundry detergent, food and such.

Mom and Dad

Next are my two little furry girls, Skittles and Ele! Skittles is 11 years old and is the old lady of the house, while Ele is still a little tyke at 9 months old. Skittles loves to review all things related to food and Ele loves to review all types of doggie toys and even carries them around the house and outside.

Skittles and Ellie

Last, but not least is me! I love to review almost anything a my favorite thing to do right now besides blogging and interacting with you all is crafting and studying to be a nurse!


Now, that you have all met the brains behind the operation, maybe it will give you a bit more on the insight of our crazy household.


About Ashley Suzanne

Ashley Suzanne enjoys speaking about all things baby and parent related as well as binge watching Fixer Upper. If we had to describe her tastes in a few words it would be: entertainer, junkie, gypsy, DIYer, foodie, and traveler. Enjoy her rambling insight throughout!


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