Mobile Coupons and why they Work for Me!

Back before I started nursing school, I was considered a coupon queen in my city. Everyone saw how fun and what they thought was easy to get good deals, whereas it was a lot of work. I spent countless hours cutting coupons and trying to find and match deals. It was very tiring and if you were not careful then you would end up spending more than was needed.

One day I went to my favorite craft store, JoAnn’s. Usually they have coupons at the front of the store, but they were out that day. I was very upset, primarily because JoAnn’s have high value coupons, such as 50% off any regular priced item. So if you were to get something that retailed for $10 then with the coupon you can end up getting it for only $5!

Seeing how they were out of papers and coupons I was a bit worried, because I drove all this way not to have any coupons to use. At that time when I was about to leave, I got a text message and it was a coupon for the 50% off. my day immediately got better, and from then own I LOVE finding and using mobile coupons on my phone!!

As I was beginning the checkout experience, I simply showed the code on my phone to the cashier and she added the coupon to my order. I then finished at the checkout counter and was well on my way. That sad day was turned to a happy day just like that by using coupons on my phone.

Now, that I am in nursing school, I do not have time to figure out many coupons and their deals, but by finding them on my mobile phone it saves me a lot of time. So I can still save money while earning my education and degree!

Have you ever used mobile coupons?


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