The Fear of Saying Good-Bye {Owen’s Birth Story}


It was 5:55am on June 16th, 2010 when I rolled over in bed and thought “well crap…I just peed myself!” I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and even crawled back into bed before the contractions started. After 42 days of early back labor (I’m talking the kind that is persistent for 3 hours every evening), I thought I was going to … READ ON →

A Closer Look At: Asthma + Pest Control


Will my child be safe when the exterminator sprays my home? Pesticides can help to cause asthma attacks in people who suffer from the illness. This can be a particular problem with children whose immune system is not as developed as that of an adult. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid getting pest control work carried out. … READ ON →

VBAC After a Horrid C-Section: Tiffany & Brenna’s Story

Real Moms. Real Births.

It all started January 2013 when I got a faint positive. We found out at 18 weeks we were having another little girl this time we agreed things would be different and we drove 45 minutes one way to Statesville for a natural beginnings birth center an hired our doula Rae to round up our VBAC birth team. (VBAC means vaginal birth after … READ ON →

First Baby, First Section: Tiffany & Naomi’s Story

Real Moms. Real Births.

We found out we were going to be parents to a little girl sometime the first of October and like any new parents we went into it excited and trusting our doctors. Contractions started September 30, 2010 around 4 pm and I time them on and off for about two hours. I had lost my mucus plug the night before. My husband Brandan came … READ ON →

March 2015: Product Features + $84 Giveaway!


Another month has come and went. Now its time for our March sponsors, and boy do we have some fun things to show you, such as a boob hat and the world’s softest blanket! Okay, so maybe not the world’s softest, but definitely the softest one that we have found. 1 – Teetheez Teethers from PullyPalz {$11.99} : Use with your PullyPalz … READ ON →

February 2015: Sponsors + $108 Giveaway


There are some new and exciting things happening around here. I am still trying to get into sync with my full time work schedule as a nurse and my blogging schedule as well. Each month I will be showcasing some amazing sponsors and bringing you a giveaway as well. Without further ado, meet our sponsors for this month! 1 – 14oz … READ ON →

The First Years: Welcome to The Family + Giveaway!


The First Years is casting young families with unique stories for a cool new online reality series at The more individual the story, the better! Families who enter have the chance to star in the series plus score $7,500+ in prizes. The First Years is looking for a cast of characters from a wide variety of … READ ON →

Iconic Bedroom Furnishings That Never Go Out Of Fashion


Certain home furnishings fail to stand the test of time, gradually falling out of favor as trends change. However, there are the occasional creations that seem to transcend the dizzy whirl of furniture fashion. The following three iconic bedroom pieces all possess this timeless charm, and you can purchase your very own versions … READ ON →

Tomat Kids: Lightning Outfit + $27 Giveaway!


One of the things that I always tell moms, first time and veterans, is that they should ALWAYS research every baby item they need. From bottles to clothing. One trusted brand that I have come to know and love is Tomat Kids. Tomat Kids believe that wearing organic is not only good for your skin, but that it is also good for the … READ ON →

Homedics: 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat


After a long day of raising tiny humans, most of us are exhausted! After all you know the saying: Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting. That is when you need to turn to your Homedics: 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat and tell it how much you need a deep massage. The HoMedics® 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage … READ ON →

Happy New Year! {SunTrust Offers Hope}

Happy New Year! What is your best holiday memory from this year? Learn any lessons? In hindsight, did you really need a new outfit for every party? A little too generous with the gift-giving? The holiday hangover is among us and hopefully not driving your new year's resolutions. I don't know about you all, but I personally … READ ON →