The BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Program {Round One}

This is the official page where you can keep up with my weekly stats from the OWMP!

Starting Stats – March 3/21/2014

{on the left}

Weight : 255 pounds
Bust : 49 inches
Waist : 46 inches
Hips : 53 inches
Rt. Thigh : 29 inches
Lt. Thigh : 28 inches
Rt. Arm : 19 inches
Lt. Arm : 18 inches
Wt. Loss Goal : 100 pounds


Weight : 250.2
Wt. Loss Goal : 95.2 pounds to go! 


Weight : 247.0
Wt. Loss Goal : 92 pounds to go!

Weight : 245.0
Wt. Loss Goal : 90 pounds to go!

I really enjoyed this diet and the fact that I could literally go all day without eating simply because I was never hungry or really thought about it. I really love how easy it was and the fact that exercising was optional. I had no other troubles and I truly look forward to round 2. I think it will be easier for my lifestyle to do 20 days vs the 40 days simply because I feel like I lose more weight in the beginning and then I seem to get burned out a bit. I plan to start round two sometime in June!

Thanks Body Health for sending the supplies and allowing me to tackle this journey. 


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