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Tiny Love

You see, Tiny Love recognizes that when a baby is born, a parent is born too. It’s a whole new world, with new identities, new rituals, questions, concerns and joys that you now have a as a parent; you have started a whole new chapter in your lives and Tiny Love is here to grow with you! We hope to give you some highly researched peace of mind and a lot of drooley giggles…for both you and your baby 😉

Tiny love

Follow Me Fred

6-9 months

Before baby begins to crawl, place Follow Me Fred in circular mode. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise. Place the toy in front of your baby on the floor and touch it to trigger its movement.

9-12 months

The cheerful music and slow movement will attract baby’s attention and encourage him to reach forward and eventually to start craw

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Starry Night Mobile Soother Night Light

Your bundle of joy can drift off to sleep with the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Starry Night Mobile/Soother/Night Light. Designed to provide a soothing atmosphere that grows to fit your little one’s developmental stages, this device offers three adorable hanging toys that can be removed as your child grows. A musical mobile projector with nine total tunes in three musical categories offers up to 30 minutes of continuous music and projects stars and moon images onto the canopy to soothe your little one. Remove the canopy and toys to create a music box with star and moon projections on the ceiling, or leave the canopy on the music box without the toys for a bedside night-light that projects stars and moons.

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Thanks to Tiny Love for donating a Follow Me Fred and Starry Night Mobile Soother Night Light valued at $85 to one lucky US winner!





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