Wool Dryer Ball {Tutorial + Giveaway}

I am sure that many of you have seen the wool dryer balls out and about. I remember when all we used to use and think about using was drying sheets. Then I started reading and learning more about dryer balls and all that they are good for.

Most dryer balls retail for $38/4 and seeing how it takes around 10-12 for an extra large load that is just too much to spend on balls, so after looking all over Pinterest and the web. I decided it was time to compile my own tutorial.

Supplies Needed


100% wool roving or yarn
{Make sure that it is 100% wool, and non-washable. I had the wonderful opportunity to receive some wool roving and yarn from
Fangrrl Fiber Arts}
Pantyhose or Knee Highs

Step 1


Determine if you want to use roving or yarn. Take the yarn or roving and wrap it around two fingers, and then pull it off, and start wrapping it around and around until you reach the desired size.


Step 2

Once you have the desired size, take the balls, one by one, and place them into the pantyhose or knee highs. After each ball tie a not. In one knee high I was able to get at least 3 balls into it.


Step 3

Next turn your washing machine dial on the HOTTEST washing cycle, and then allow it to go through a complete cycle. Take them out of the washing machine and place them in the dryer, allow for them to completely dry, and then do the complete cycle again.


I decided to re-felt all my previous balls while I was at it.

Step 4

Once they are completely dried for the last time, cut them out of the hose and voilà your very own dryer balls for cheap! Fangrrl Fiber Arts sells 137 yards of wool yarn for $14.00 or 2.6ozs of wool roving for $9.00.


As you can see the wool roving balls turned out super tiny. They went in big and came out small, so when using roving make sure that you make it bigger than desired so that you can be extra sure that it will come out the right size.

I love the colorful wool from Fangrrl Fiber Arts, however when working with the hand dyed roving you may end up with the dye leaking to your hands. It cleans right up with water and is no big deal. I really liked the quality and feel of the wool yarn as a dryer ball instead of the roving.

Fangrrl has graciously donated a 3.5-4oz custom dyed wool roving in the winner’s choice.

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  1. I would spin into yarn and make a soaker for my new baby due in March 🙂

  2. I would love to make dryer balls. I’ve been thinking about buying some for a while now.

  3. Claiborne says:

    I would make dryer balls

  4. Sandra L. says:

    I’m going to try to make these dryer balls whether I win or not. Wool yarn and roving is pretty cheap where I live. If I win I may have to save this nicer stuff for a different project.

  5. very neat tutorial! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I never thought of making my own dryer balls. It’s a great idea Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. I saw a tutorial where they made the core up of pieces of an old wool sweater or something…I guess so it didn’t require as much roving/yarn. Do you have thoughts on that? I’d love to conserve my yarn, for sure!

  8. What a great tutorial, thanks so much for inviting me over!


    i would make the dryer balls

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